Hinesville DUI School


Programs Offer:

  • DUI School/Risk Reduction
  • ​Clinical evaluation GA Certified 
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program GA Certified


406 S Main Street 

Hinesville, GA 31313


Other Location:

Wayne Co. DUI School 

361 West Plum Street 

Jesup, Ga 31545


    Hinesville DUI School Provides the risk reduction program that is required for all alcohol and drug offenders.  We are a Georgia DDS Certified Program.  

  First is the assessment, which is a state required self administered survey that helps the student understand his/her involvement with drugs and alcohol and how it is impacting his/her life. Then, the 20 hour class that provides therapeutic education about drug and alcohol abuse. It is held over a period of 3 days. Classes are 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and 4 hours on Mondays. Dates may vary.   Assessment Fee $100.00   Class Fee: $255.00    Total Cost: $355.00 (Cash and Money Order Only)